No 2-3 (2018): Clinical and Preventive Medicine
Clinical and Preventive Medicine
Clinical and Preventive Medicine

ISSN-L: 2616-4868

Publisher: Scientific and Practical Center of Preventive and Clinical Medicine.

Focus and Scope: clinical medicine, preventive medicine, public health and social medicine.

Theoretical Research and Methodology

M.V. Kvasnitskyi
Injection methods of lumbars pondylarthrosis treatment
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V. O. Shaprynskyy, Y. M. Hupalo, V. V. Shaprynskyi, O. E. Shved, O. I. Nabolotnyi, D. Y. Shapovalov
Application of laser technologies for treatment of complicated varicose veins of lower limbs
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Clinical medicine

O. O. Lytvak, B. V. Khabrat, A. B. Khabrat, B. M. Lysenko
Improving of recovery therapy in women with surgically treated polycystic ovary syndrome
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M. I. Boyko, I. S. Chornukulsky
Varicocele and its complications: pathogenesis, improving of surgical treatment
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G. Ye. Samoilenko, O. V. Syniachenko, Yu. O. Syniachenko, R. V. Pylypenko
Endovascular laser coagulation of the lower limbs varicose veins: effectiveness and optimization
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T. V. Cherniy
Improvement of diagnosis and treatment of cerebrovascular complications and premorbid conditions of arterial hypertension in patients with chronic cerebral ischemia
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L. K. Benkovska, O. Y. Mishcheniuk, O. M. Kostiukevych
The prognostic value of the certain blood biochemical parameters on the complications in patients with acute coronary syndrome
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O. M. Kostiukevych; O. Y. Mishcheniuk, L. K. Benkovska
Impact of anemia on the clinical course of acute coronary syndrome
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Actual problem

M. M. Serbul, S. A. Sheptukha, O. A. Yaskevich
Application of laparoscopic technologes for the treatment of hiatal hernia
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Clinical Cases

R. P. Tkachenko, O. G. Kuryk, A. S. Golovko, G. O. Lazarenko
Late local relapse of adrenocortical carcinoma 18 years after adrenalectomy: case report
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Conference materials. Theses

A. I. Denysenko
Evaluation of the use of paracetamol in perioperative analgesia for laparoscopic interventions in adults
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V. I Cherniy, A. I. Denysenko
Principles of anesthesia and intensive care in minimally invasive surgery
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D. D. Stashenko, V. S. Ruchkin, M. O. Orlov, Ye. V. Horshkova
Anesthesia in the endoscopic thoracic surgery
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O. G. Kotenko, D. O. Fedorov, O. M. Ostapishen, K. O. Uswick
The role of laparoscopic access in the surgical treatment of patients with malignant and benign liver tumors
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O. Yu. Ioffe, M. S. Kryvopustov, Yu. P. Tsyura, O. P. Stetsenko, T. V. Tarasyuk
Two-stage surgical treatment of patients with superobesity
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O. K. Slyepov, M. V. Ponomarenko, O. S. Skyba, O. V. Markevych, O. H. Shypot, I. I. Shtanʹko
Experience of laparoscopic treatment of children with surgical and urological pathology
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P. B. Lysunets, V. Yu. Shevchenko, G. V. Zadorozhny, N. N. Nesterenko, I. V. Tkachuk, N. V. Chernoknyzhnaia
Early and late complications of laparoscopic antireflux surgical interventions. Clinical cases
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Yu. B. Yashchenko, O. H. Buriak, I. E. Zabolotna
Application of the integrated systems for assessing the severity of newborns` condition in critical illnesses
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O. H. Buriak, Yu. B. Yashchenko
Acute pulmonary injury in newborns. Criteria for diagnosis based on changes in pulmonary homeostasis
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O. H. Buriak
The activity of lipoperoxidation processes as a marker of parenchymal respiratory failure in newborns
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V. A. Gandzyuk
Determination of the effectiveness of the advanced position management system of the functional approach and the results of expert evaluation
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V. A. Gandzyuk
Self-management of multidisciplinary medical preventive health institution for functional method
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