Aim and Scope

The aim of the Journal: to cover the results of scientific research in the field of preventive and clinical medicine (including the studies performed in the State Institution of Science «Research and Practical Center of Preventive and Clinical Medicine» State Administrative Department); to inform the medical community about the latest achievements in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases; to present clinical cases in medical practice, share data on current events in Ukrainian and foreign medicine etc.

The scope of the Journal:

  • Clinical medicine;
  • Preventive medicine;
  • Public health;
  • Social medicine.

According to the local coding system, the journal «Clinical and Preventive Medicine» publishes the materials related to the «Healthcare» (code 22) branch of knowledge in the following fields of specialization:

  • «Medicine» (code 222);
  • «Medical diagnostic and treatment technologies» (code 224);
  • «Medical psychology» (code 225);
  • «Physical rehabilitation, ergotherapy» (code 227);
  • «Pediatrics» (code 228);
  • «Public health» (code 229).

Journal`s Items:

  • Clinical medicine;
  • Preventive medicine;
  • Public health and social medicine;
  • Clinical cases;
  • Issues and debatable questions;
  • Current events (scientific conferences reports, remarkable dates etc.);
  • Reviews, lectures etc.

The authors submit articles in Ukrainian, Russian or English, describing the results of original scientific, scientific and practical, scientific and methodological studies. which have scientific and practical value and have not been published before. Lectures, problems and review articles are also accepted for publication. The journal «Clinical and Preventive Medicine» is committed to publishing only original manuscripts, i.e. neither the manuscripts, which have been published before, nor those being under processing in other scientific journals. The peer-review procedure is aimed at the critical appraisal of the submitted articles, in particular the determining of scientific novelty and practical value of the presented results. Lectures, current issue articles and reviews could also be submitted.

When submitting an article, the higher school students should also provide the scientific advisor`s review.

The Editorial Council may reject the submitted article. Editorial reasons for an article rejection are the following:

a) Manuscript does not fall within the Journal’s aim and scope;
b) Manuscript does not conform to the writing style of the Journal;
c) Negative scientific advisor`s review of a submitted material;
d) The author`s non-compliance with the existing legislation in the field of copyright and related rights;
e) Negative peer-review report with the conclusion to reject the manuscript;
f) The scientific editor`s conclusion to reject the manuscript.