About the Journal

The mission of the magazine is to create an information space aimed at increasing the professional competence of health professionals, as well as in introducing innovative developments and progressive methods of treatment into medical practice.

The goal of the magazine is to familiarize specialists and all interested readers with modern achievements in the field of medical sciences. Important importance is also given to the process of raising the level of postgraduate education and the quality of medical care for the population.

The editors invite to publish articles about their achievements as specialists from Russia and foreign partners. Our journal of scientific publications and scientific articles before the publication presents the materials for review to independent experts who are not members of the staff of the journal, conducting research in such areas. Publish a scientific article in the magazine & ndash; this is your chance to make an invaluable contribution to the development of science.

When using materials for non-commercial purposes, a link to the organization is required. Commercial use is prohibited. The magazine does not charge a fee for the publication of materials. All articles are publicly available and can be read without fee. The journal does not limit authors 'and authors' rights of authors.